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  How do I earn money?
You will earn money after you answer questions correctly. Money will be deducted when you give the wrong answer. For dispute arbitration, if your judgment is consistent with the majority when the case is closed, you earn money.
  How to calculate the income?
Each question is marked with the price. If you answer correctly the first time, you will earn the full amount. If you get the answer correctly on the second, you will get 1/4 of the amount. You will get 1/4 x 1/4 on the third try, and so on. For abitration, cost displayed is the cost of the entire case. After the result comes out, the income of each participant is calculated. If your judgement is consistent with the final result, your income will be the average income X your judgement level. Your judgement level will be upgraded as well, which will positively affect your future earnings.If your judgement is inconsistent with the final result, your income will be 0 with no deductions. However, it will result in downgrading, which will affect your future earnings. The purpose of this is to ensure that each participant judges as seriously and as fairly as possible.
  Are the questions difficult?
The questions are very simple. As long as you read the topic once, the chances of answering the correctly should be above 95%. The purpose of this model is to encourage you to know the product information, not to check your intelligence.
  How do I increase my judgement level?
If your judgement for an arbitration is the same as the final result, your judement level will upgrade. If your judgement is different from the final result, your judgement will downgrade.
  Can I withdraw money from my account?
Of course you can, but as per legal requirements, you will need to submit a piece of ID to verify your identity the first time you withdraw money. Transferring cryptocurrency does not currently require verification of identity.
  What can I do with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin?
The cryptocurrency has completely entered the market. You can buy a house, a car and almost anything with Bitcoin. Some governments also accept Bitcoin to pay taxes, universities accept tuition fees, and the purchasing power of cryptocurrency is growing rapidly. If you want to exchange them to dollars, you can sell the bitcoins for dollars on an exchange market such as Coinbase. For exchange between crypto coins, you can visit Stex.
  How do I bid for advertisements, votes and dispute arbitration?
Just click "Payer" and follow the steps. The higher the bid, the faster your advertisement, vote, or arbitration case will appear.
目前加密数字货币已完全进入市场,你可以用比特币买房买车买任何东西,一些政府也接受比特币付税,大学接受付学费,而且加密数字货币的购买力在急速增长中。如果你希望把它们换成美元,可上交易所卖掉比特币,拿回美元。交易所很多,如Coinbase. 数字币之间兑换可上Stex.
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Scientific research has confirmed that active memory has a much higher memory effect than passive memory. We try to improve the price/performance ratio of advertising through active memory methods.
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zhangliaozhuan 现在难度这么高。我答了3小时全部答完都才20个。根本满足不了30个的提现条件,请网站降低提现标准

zhangliaozhuan 现在难度这么高。我答了3小时全部答完都才20个。根本满足不了30个的提现条件,请网站降低提现额度。。。

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